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Pleasure flight certificate course

 (VDS / VL) with paragliding

The paragliding course is aimed at all those who have a passion for flying. In fact, the requirements to enroll in the course are minimal:


  1. Having reached the age of 16 (for minors, the consent, in accordance with the law, of those who exercise parental authority over them is required).

  2. Being in possession of a medical certificate attesting to fitness for recreational flying or non-competitive sports issued by a doctor specializing in sports medicine, aeronautics or space.

  3. Nulla-Osta for pleasure or sport flight, issued by the police chief of the place of residence.


The first phase of the paragliding course takes place on a gently sloping lawn, the students learn to spread the glider, check that all the lines are not tangled and the take-off technique to start the flight in complete safety. In the meantime, some (2 or 3) Two-seater Didactic flights are carried out to allow the student to understand the functioning of the paraglider in flight and to acclimatize himself in the new three-dimensional world that is the air.


Once ready (after about 6/7 lessons per day), the student makes his first high flight; controlled by an instructor at take-off and one at landing, he must only carry out the instructions that arrive via radio (copy of the didactic flight performed in two-seater) in this way he acquires safety and the necessary manual skills in flight maneuvers.


During the first flights, all the student's maneuvers will be expressly controlled and regulated by the instructor's instructions via radio. Gradually the student will acquire the knowledge to perform the flights in complete autonomy and be ready for the exam for the flight certificate.


The student can take the exam after completing the cycle of theoretical lessons (23 hours) and a minimum number of 30 solo flights. The exam is organized by a commission of the Aero Club d'Itala and consists of a written test and then a practical flight test.



The total cost is 1200 euros, includes 40 high flights with the assistance of the instructors via radio, includes the use of the school equipment, includes all the teaching material and the flight of the exam test for the VDS certificate.

The course lasts on average around 4/6 months.

The following are excluded: transport from landing to take-off, payment to the Aeroclub of Italy for the issue of the certificate, medical examination, and the release of the permit which will be the responsibility of the student.



The course includes several practical instructional phases (pitch and high flights), accompanied, at the same time, by a targeted study of the theory (theoretical course). take off technique on weekends. The high flights are carried out on a Paragliding School and are agreed according to the availability of the visitors both during weekends / holidays and on weekdays.

Each exercise will have the following development: Briefing and evaluation of weather conditions (with the instructor). Operations and pre-flight checks. Practical exercise of min 20 min. on the fly (with the assistance of the instructor via radio) De-briefing (with the instructor) Each exercise must be recorded in the personal flight book.




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