Paragliding holiday in the Italian Alps. Discovering Valsassina and surroundings.

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You can stay in confortable and good quality places near the picturesque Como Lake andValsassina. Giumello mountain, recently place of two manches of PWC, is from more than 20 yearsan attraction for pilots of any level and nationality. We also propose daily trips in other fly sitesoffer further enjoyment and different experiences.

The main site. Alpe Giumello.


Take off is large and on South West direction, 1500 m , near Como lake. An easy top landingmakes the site good for any level in accordance with the different moments of the day. Giumelloallows permanent flys with top landing and refreshment in Ristoro Genio where you can tastetipical food. It is possibile to descend the main ridge or, reaching the other sites, to explore minorvalleys. A good view is assured with fantastic landscapes and very good fly conditions. You canpass 3000 m and 50 km of distance, easily flying over woods, small villages, pastures and tops. Thelanding is 1100 m below in Taceno, only 30 minutes far from the take off. Wide and long, it is alsoa hanggliding landing place.

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