Flying in India

Flylibell since 13 years organize flying holiday on the state of India

In india we fly during autumn in the Himalaya and during the winter in Maharastra

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Flying holiday in the north of India Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh


Going to Himalaya chain to fly on the roof of the world and having the emotion to share the sky with the biggest birds in the world means to have an unforgettable experience of air view. In the neverending mountains and dizzy horizons the world below gives a perfect nature where ancient temples let you you speak with the sacred.The take-off is in Billing, 2400m and the landing in Bir, the site allows very good flyes with heights close to 5000m and the occasion to cover a distance of more than 100 km.


The stay.

We propose a stay that perfectly fits with the mistic atmosphear, simple and comfortable lodgings in the tibetan colony of Bir. The village that has five monasterys assures a peaceful stay in harmony with the rithms of the time. Arrived in Delhi, you will be drove to Bir with comfortables jeeps that will include all the further transfers (go up to the take-off, visits, etc..).


Flying holiday in the south of India. Maharastra.

The trip is divided in two stages to give the opportunity to appreciate different landscapes and make different flyes.  



Kamshet gives many possibilities to paragliders, there are three take-off and good conditions to fly.From the sky, the hills seem moulded by man; fields, lakes, small villages scattered all around in the country-side. The main two sites, Tower Halll and Shellar, give thermodynamic features that allow gliding the slopes closely or, taking advantage of thermics to lift from 900 to over 3000 metres.

Where to stay.

Just close to the lake there is a very elegan european-style house with a nice garden where you can taste tropical fruits and have a walk in a very suggestive context. Astrid & Sanjay, the owner, and her staff will take good care of you during your stay



Panchgani hill station, about three hours far from Kamshet, with its shops, cinemas, restaurants and sport centres gives a lot of chances of amusement. The main two fly sites, differently orientated, have thermodynamic conditions similar to Kamshet ones, but with a differen view. In this area mountains are bigger and there is a more open landscape that looks on Khrisna Lake and allow flyers to make longer crosses.


Where to stay.

Paragliders will stay in André and Megane’s Eco Camp at the entry of the village and could sleep in confortable tents or in small cottages. You can find everything you need in the total respect of nature


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