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Flying holidays on Lake Como ... discovering Valsassina and surroundings.

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A stay in quality and affiliated structures, to enjoy the emotions of paragliding, among spectacular views immersed in the picturesque setting of Lake Como and Valsassina. Mount Giumello, which recently hosted two PWC heats, has been a constant attraction for pilots of all levels and nationalities for more than twenty years. In the neighboring areas we also offer day trips to other flying sites - Monte Mezzo, Valcava, Monte Cornizzolo - which offer as many opportunities for fun and guarantee a wide variety of experiences.

Main site features.


The take-off is large and oriented towards the South West, at 1500 meters above sea level, in an area overlooking Lake Como. The ease of Top Landing makes the site accessible to all levels, depending on the time of day when you choose to fly. The Giumello allows us both permanent flights, with Top Landing and refreshments at the Ristoro Genio to taste local products, and Cross flights; it is in fact possible to descend along the main ridge, reaching other flight sites, to move to the exploration of secondary valleys. The show is guaranteed, with nothing short of fantastic landscapes and superb flying conditions: it is possible to exceed 3000 meters and 50 km away, flying over woods, tiny villages, pastures and peaks without excessive difficulty. Located at an altitude difference of 1100 meters, in Taceno is the landing, located just 30 minutes by road from take-off. Wide and long, it also easily allows the landing of hang gliders. A lift service is carried out in order to be able to face the new flight more quickly.


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