“Different Flying”

Flylibell is an amateurish sport club with a long experience in touristic and teaching paragliding. Flylibell fly school is managed by Enrico Patuzzi who is also the instructor. The new Flylibell challenge is a flying school for disabled people to tear down all the barriers even that physicals.

Flylibell Volare Diversamente 


Handi Care in France is an important school for disabled, but in Italy only a couple of schools propose flyes and lessons for people with handicap, we are really proud to be one of these few.


The project

Flylibell’s plan “Different flying” has two main tasks:

1. Touristic Tandem Paragliding Fly to allow disabled people to enjoy the experience of flying and finding a new dimension of life in a particular pram.

2. Teaching school to let disabled people to fly by themselves. Recognised licence VDS/VL.

3. We have the target to make a Paradling Therapy for terminal patients supported by physicians and psychologists.


The project "different flying is supported by great  sponsor... 


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the law

The article 8 of the Regulations issued by the Ae.C.I. and approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport DM of 15.4.2011 EXPRESSLY authorizes the teaching of the VDS / VL for the disabled.


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