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Flying in India

Flylibell has been flying holidays in the state of india for over 15 years.

In india we fly mainly in autumn in the Himalayas and in winter in Maharastra.

Contact us by email for more information and to know the dates of the next trips.

Flight Vacation in North India Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh


The Himalayas, to fly on the roof of the world: the thrill of sharing the sky with the largest birds in the world, the opportunity for fantastic aerial perspectives for an unrepeatable experience.Between endless mountains and dizzying horizons, the world below offers a perfect nature, where ancient temples speak with the sacred.With takeoff in Billing, located at 2400 meters above sea level and landing in Bir, the site allows exceptional flights, with heights of almost 5000 meters and the possibility of covering over 100 km of distance


The livingroom

We offer accommodation consistent with the atmosphere of the place, in simple and welcoming accommodation located in the Tibetan colony of Bir. Adorned with five monasteries, the village guarantees an extremely serene stay, in harmony with the rhythms of time.Once you arrive at the Delhi airport, you will be accompanied to Bir by comfortable jeep, with which all subsequent movements will also be guaranteed. take off, sightseeing, etc ....) ..


Flight Vacation in South India. Maharastra.

Divided into two stages, the stay includes two stops, with the possibility, therefore, to appreciate different landscapes and try your hand at different flying sites.



From above, the hills slide shaped by man; fields, lakes scattered around, remote villages lost in the countryside. Kamshet offers a variety of paragliding opportunities, with over 3 take-offs and favorable flight conditions. The two main sites, Tower Hill and Shellar, offer thermodynamic characteristics that allow both to soar the slopes with low flights, and, by exploiting the thermals, to rise from 900 to over 3000 meters above sea level.


The livingroom.

The accommodation ensures every comfort. A few steps from the lake, in an elegant European-style Guest House, it is possible to taste the exotic fruits of the large private garden and stroll in a rural setting of great charm. Astrid & Rao and her staff will take care of you during your stay.



Located three hours away from Kamshet, the hill station of Panchgani, with shops, cinemas, restaurants and sports centers, offers numerous opportunities for entertainment. The two main flight sites, differently oriented, have thermodynamic conditions similar to those of Kamshet but offer landscapes of another nature to the eye. In this area of ​​the region, in fact, the mountains become more impressive and the open landscape, overlooking Krisnha Lake, allows you to make longer crosses.


The livingroom.

participants will be hosted in the eco Camp of Andrè and Megane, located at the entrance of the town, and will stay in comfortable tents or, if preferred, in small cottages. The structure houses all the services necessary for a pleasant stay, while ensuring a very low environmental impact.



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