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The Team Flylibell

pilota biposto e istruttore Flylibell
assistente istruttore flylibell

The Big Three.


Fabio Muttoni or better known as Biet.

Biet, Director of the Planet Car Garage, obtained his paragliding license with the Flylibell school in 2009. Passionate about flying and a prudent pilot, he followed all the activities of the Flylibell school over the years, becoming an assistant instructor.

The Big One.


Enrico Patuzzi or better known as Chicco.



Chicco is one of the founders of ASD Flylibell. Flylibell team pilot and instructor. He obtained his paragliding license in 2000, while

he has been paragliding as a tandem pilot since 2002. Chicco has been a paragliding instructor for over 15 years, having trained over 200 students and conducted over 3000 tourist tandem flights. Chicco has a long list of victories finishing 1st at the Italian Acro Championship in Omegna in 2009. He was therefore a member of the Italian Acro National Team. Chicco is fluent in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Hindi.

pilota biposto flylibell

The Big Two.


Gianfranco Uberti or better known as the Chef



Chef has been paragliding since 1992, one of our pilots with more years of experience. He obtained his tandem flight rating in 1999. Flylibell's tandem pilot and assistant instructor for nearly a decade now. One of the pillars of our Association

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