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Introduction to Paragliding Acrobatics

The course that creates the foundations for you to start practicing acre in complete safety! Aimed exclusively at pilots who have already gained considerable confidence in all unusual situations with their paraglider.


The course is developed according to the characteristics of each individual student.



Minimum requirements: paragliding flight license obtained for at least 3 years and 200 flights after the license;

ability to perform all the maneuvers of the advanced SIV course autonomously and with correct exit from the configurations (during the first flight the real skills of the pilot will be evaluated;

it will then be up to the instructors to decide whether to continue with the introductory acrobatics course;

alternatively the advanced SIV course will be taken).

Maneuvers and planned configurations

1) - Accented wing overs (over 130 °)

2) - SAT

3) - 360 ° asymmetrical

4) - backward flight

5) - deep stall

Calendar 2022

10/11/12 May / recovery 17/18/19 May

05/06/07 July / recovery 12/13/14 July

13/14/15 September / recovery 20/21/22 September


To find out more, download the course registration form, fill it in and send it to us via email.

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