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ASD Flylibell AeCI Certified Paragliding School n. ° 395
Welcome to the paragliding school


Our goal is to bring anyone with a passion for flying closer to the world of Paragliding, with a minimum financial commitment. You will discover that flying is not only fun and exciting but also easy and affordable for everyone. In a few months you will learn to fly while having fun in safety.


We carry out flying courses every day throughout the year from Alpe Giumello in Alta Valsassina !!

Flylibell is the paragliding school closest to Milan completely immersed in a natural environment such as the pastures of Alpe Giumello and Lake Como.

Flylibell paragliding school lake como

It allows you to reach the achievement of the paragliding license in a safe and fun way, learning the practical and theoretical knowledge that will allow us to soar in the sky in full harmony with nature.


corso base di parapendio

Aimed at all those pilots who wish to have more from flying, improve the ability to climb in thermal control of the glider and greater knowledge of the weather situation. A fun way to get the most out of your passion !!

impara a volare in termica

It is aimed at all those pilots who have difficulty in managing the paragliding on the ground (take-off, landing ...) the course includes 3 days of inflation, slalom and games on the ground with the sail .... a unique course for acquire greater security!


impara a gestire la vela

It gives the possibility to those who wish to learn tandem flight, that is to offer the possibility to your acquaintances to soar with you, becoming true professionals. It is aimed only at experienced pilots who have gained a good knowledge of flying as solo pilots.

The course that creates the foundations for you to start practicing aerobatics in complete safety!

Aimed exclusively at pilots who have already gained considerable confidence in all unusual situations with their paraglider.

SIV, the course par excellence in giving serenity and cold blood to all pilots who might find themselves in unfavorable conditions during the flight. It is not an acrobatics course but simply a course that offers the possibility to know your limits and those of your paragliding. Divided into 3 levels, the SIV course allows all pilots to participate.


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