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"Flying Differently"

The Flylibell Amateur Sports Association boasts a long experience in teaching and tourism in the discipline of paragliding with the FLYLIBELL Flight School which has Enrico Patuzzi as President and Instructor. The project has the intent of wanting to break down all borders, including physical ones, by creating a section of the school dedicated to paragliding for people with disabilities.

Flylibell Flying Differently


Handi 'care is already a big reality in France, where many schools are open to fly for people with disabilities, at the moment in Italy only two or three schools are able to offer flying courses and tourist flights to people with disabilities. We are one of these. We are very proud!


The project

Flylibell's "Flying differently" project has two main activities: 1. Tourist Activities Tandem Paragliding Flights to allow all people with different abilities to try the experience of flying with the help of a special wheelchair, discovering a new dimension of life. 2. Educational activity to make disabled people fly autonomously (achievement of the VDS / VL Patent) 3. In the future it is hoped to be able to create a "paratherapy" dedicated to the terminally ill with the support of doctors and psychologists.


paragliding tandem flight over lake como for disable
Flylibell paragliding tandem for disable over lake como
The Volare Diversamente project is supported by major sponsors ...

The law

Article 8 of the Regulations issued by the Ae.CI and approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport with Ministerial Decree of 15.4.2011 EXPRESSLY authorizes the teaching of VDS / VL to the disabled.

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